The Israeli trial over the rape of a young tourist has been postponed. The reason is key evidence

The Israeli trial over the rape of a young tourist has been postponed.  The reason is key evidence

A Cypriot court has postponed the trial of five Israelis suspected of raping a 20-year-old British woman. The reason is the lack of key evidence that would allow the defendants to choose a defense line.

On Thursday, October 5, the trial of five Israelis suspected of rape, sexual assault and abduction of a 20-year-old British woman in early September was to begin in Famagusta. The accused are between 19 and 20 years old and come from the city of Majd al-Krum. They all plead not guilty. The incident allegedly took place at a hotel in the popular tourist resort of Ayia Napa.

The tourist testified that one of the men grabbed her hand and then took her by force to his room. He then tried to take off her swimsuit despite her objections. Then other suspects allegedly entered the room. One of them allegedly had sexual intercourse with the British woman against her will. Another allegedly forced her to perform oral sex, and two others allegedly held down the 20-year-old.

20-year-old tourist raped in a popular tourist resort. Trial of Israelis postponed

One of the suspects also allegedly held her against a wall and had sexual intercourse with her. The tourist managed to lock herself in the bathroom, from where she started screaming for help. She then managed to escape from the room, pushing the suspects away, and joined her friends, with whom she reported the matter to the police.

During questioning, the defense attorney for the three Israelis noted that key evidence had not been provided for the sixth Israeli, who was initially arrested and then released, the Associated Press reported. This includes DNA test results, photos, fingerprints and witness statements.

Yannis Habaris explained that the DNA test results, which are to be ready within 24 hours, are necessary for him to advise his clients on the best line of defense. Two people stated that they had not met the victim, which can be confirmed by research. The trial was postponed until October 16. The Israelis will remain in custody at least until their next court date.

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