Residents and tourists at risk. A plague of dangerous snakes in Croatia

Residents and tourists at risk.  A plague of dangerous snakes in Croatia

An increasing number of dangerous snakes have been observed in Croatia. Unfortunately, there are also bites that may pose a threat to the health of residents and tourists. It is worth keeping this in mind when planning your vacation.

Croatia is one of tourists' favorite holiday destinations. Unfortunately, recently there have been more and more reports of snakes breeding here. “They are really big, I see them from time to time,” say residents of Split and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, there are also bites that can seriously pose a threat to tourists and local people.

Snakes in Croatia

Recently, Croatian media have been reporting on viper bites. A fourth bite case raised the alarm at a hospital in Split. A woman from the Vrgorac area was bitten by a poisonous snake in the yard of her house.

Experts familiar with snakes in the area say the vipers have multiplied, so anyone who enjoys being outdoors needs to be more careful.

“You don't often see snakes here, but when I went outside at seven o'clock, I met a viper,” said Damirka Mihanović in an interview with Sitno Donjej Nova television. Their home is in the bosom of nature, she and her husband often spend time outdoors.

Danger to residents and tourists

A woman in her 70s was bitten by a viper while she was working at home. Even though she was wearing socks and slippers, the reptile's teeth had sunk deep enough. The doctor from Vrgorac, who was the first to help her, immediately decided to transport her to Split.

“Usually, if there is a suspicion that it is such an animal, we act quickly,” said Andrija Babić, head of the emergency medicine department in Vrgorac.

In a hospital in Split, the woman was given a serum, which is better to be taken in the hospital due to a possible adverse reaction.

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