Outrageous video from the Tatra Mountains. Wanted perpetrator. Big reward for pointing it out

Outrageous video from the Tatra Mountains.  Wanted perpetrator.  Big reward for pointing it out

Someone brought pyrotechnic materials and organized a fireworks show over the Five Ponds Valley. An anonymous person offers a reward for identifying the perpetrator.

The editorial staff of the website tatromaniak.pl published a short video on Facebook. It was recorded on a smartphone after midnight on January 1 and shows a fireworks display.

A grand celebration is a controversial issue – some people cannot imagine welcoming the New Year without a fireworks display, while others pay attention to the concern for the welfare of animals. However, it is certain that in places such as the Five Ponds Valley in the High Tatras, where deer, lynxes and chamois live, it is prohibited.

“The case will be referred to the appropriate authorities”

Tatromaniak informs that an anonymous person has already offered 5,000. PLN for revealing the name and surname of the person who decided to “organize a fireworks show” in this very place. “The case will then be referred to the appropriate authorities,” we read.

In an interview with the websitenowytarg.naszemiasto.pl, one of the Tatra guides reminds the regulations that clearly state that shooting fireworks in this place is prohibited for nature protection reasons. – If someone reached the Five Ponds Valley in winter, they must have had previous experience in mountain hiking – we read. According to the guide, he was an experienced person familiar with the rules of this place. So she knew well that she was breaking the law.

“The noise causes great terror in animals”

It is also worth recalling the appeal of the Tatra National Park, whose employees proposed to refrain from releasing fireworks from December 31 to January 1. In “wild and homeless, farm and domestic animals, noise and gunshots cause enormous stress.” For them, “New Year’s Eve is a nightmare,” they reported. This appeal is related to the annual campaign whose slogan is simply: “Don’t shoot on New Year’s Eve.”

– The noise causes great terror in animals and even panic attacks, which may be dangerous to their health and life. (…) It happened that scared animals, e.g. chamois, suffered fatal accidents while escaping – said director Szymon Ziobrowski on December 31 in an interview with tpn.pl.

It is worth adding that the resolution of the Zakopane City Council of December 23, 2019 includes a ban on firing fireworks – which the authorities reminded a few days ago. This ban covers public places.

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