Holidays in November? These places are worth visiting

Holidays in November?  These places are worth visiting

Are holiday prices during the summer season crazy? Maybe it’s time to break the patterns and go on a trip at a different time? In November it is still warm in some places and holiday prices are much lower.

  • Cyprus in November? This is the last chance
  • Holidays in the Azores with pleasant temperatures
  • Year-round travel destination: Malta
  • Hot Venezuela

Holidays in November are a good idea for those who do not like autumn rain and cold. The opportunity to “experience” summer again can have a positive impact on our well-being and our wallet. We will find many more cheap trips, and the sun accompanying us will charge our batteries for further action. But where is still warm and pleasant at this time of year?

Cyprus in November? This is the last chance

The warm climate does not persist only in distant countries in Asia or South America. You can organize a nice warm holiday in November in Europe. Just plan your trip to Cyprus.

During this period, the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. The nights are also warm. Then the thermometer stays around 16 degrees. It’s perfect weather for active recreation. Bathing enthusiasts will also benefit, as the water temperature in November remains at 22 degrees.

November in Cyprus is the last opportunity to go on a trip without worrying about a rainy stay. This month it rains only for four days, but during this time the rainfall is intense (up to 70 l/m2). Cyprus’ low popularity outside the season means that there are much fewer people on the beaches and in larger cities. This will make it more enjoyable to visit Paphos, Kyrenia or Nicosia.

Holidays in the Azores with pleasant temperatures

In the off-season, airlines offer fewer and fewer routes to the Azores. However, this should not discourage you, because outside the season it is still a place worth visiting. Stable and sunny weather encourages travel regardless of the season. This direction should especially appeal to those who can’t stand the heat.

The average temperature in the Azores in November is 18 degrees. At night, the indicators drop by only two degrees. Due to high air humidity, the perceived temperature may be much higher. The downside, however, is that it rains for about 10 days in November. However, even this should not discourage you from going on a trip.

Year-round travel destination: Malta

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea. This allows it to maintain spring weather for most of the year. Those who enjoy optimal warmth will be delighted with the weather Malta has to offer in November. An additional advantage is a wide range of air connections and short travel time.

In November, daytime temperatures remain at 19 degrees. At night it is 1-2 degrees cooler, but the water temperature is higher than the air temperature.

However, it rains much more outside the season than in summer. Tourists should be prepared for a total of 9 days of rainfall throughout the month. However, this does not discourage a certain group of tourists who decide to go on a trip regardless of the season.

Hot Venezuela

Temperatures in Europe in autumn will certainly not please heat lovers. Therefore, such people should consider a trip, e.g. to South America. New offers from travel agencies offering flights to Venezuela may help with this.

The climate there is hot and humid most of the year. The average temperature in November is 26 degrees, falling to 19 degrees at night. Then it rains much less than during the holiday season – only 9 days a month. This is an ideal opportunity for a beach trip or a trip to neighboring islands, such as Margarita, Coche or Cuabagua.

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