Snakes begin to migrate to cities. It's getting more and more dangerous in these areas

Snakes begin to migrate to cities.  It's getting more and more dangerous in these areas

Scientists warn against a great migration of snakes. These are to appear en masse in cities of well-known African and Asian countries.

The results of the disturbing study were shared with Internet users by the editors of the American journal Lancet Planetary Health. It turns out that soon when traveling to known areas, we may witness a dangerous phenomenon. All because of climate change and human interference in the natural habitats of reptiles. The consequence of this will be the migration of snakes and even scorpions to cities. It will be worst in a few specific countries.

A disturbing phenomenon. Migration of snakes to cities

Scientists created the study because they wanted to check where different species of snakes could find favorable climatic conditions by 2070. The results were surprising. Everything was published in Lancet Planetary Health, and the data shows that The geographical distribution is said to cover as many as 209 venomous species, which are generally serious threat to human health and life.

All because of constantly rising temperatures and large atmospheric anomalies. They cause animals to face problems. As a result, reptiles – mainly – are expected to become particularly dangerous for residents and tourists of many cities. We are talking about those regions that have so far been able to count on relative peace in this matter. Snakes are to appear where they have not existed before, and most importantly, we are talking about dangerous and venomous species.

Snake migrations to cities. These countries must be ready

The countries affected by the changes are: Nepal, Niger, Namibia, China and Burma. We are talking mainly about Africa, but as you can see, the problem will also affect East Asia. The species of snakes expected to appear in the cities of these countries so far they were known only from neighboring countries. The upcoming problem means, among others: a danger for travelers who have not had to worry about such threats until now.

The appearance of venomous snakes in famous cities will mean that you will have to be much more careful than usual when you are there. Otherwise, we may become a victim of dangerous bites. The World Health Organization estimates that poisonous snakes bite 1.8 to 2.7 million people each year, causing up to 138,000 deaths. deaths and at least 400 thousand amputation and permanent disability. It is said that the upcoming reptile migrations may lead to the emergence of new diseases in humans, because people will encounter some species and the pathogens they carry for the first time in their lives.

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