The tourist noticed that a LOT ticket in Poland is more expensive than abroad. The network explains why

The tourist noticed that a LOT ticket in Poland is more expensive than abroad.  The network explains why

This information may be shocking to many. This is about the discovery that the LOT airline offers different ticket prices in Poland and abroad. Do we really have to pay more?

One of the travelers noticed the problem. He revealed online that LOT Polish Airlines inflates ticket prices in Poland and verified that he can buy them much cheaper abroad. The man was looking for a connection from Germany to Poland. When the prices were displayed in Polish zlotys on his phone, he saw a different amount than the one that was later shown on his laptop – then it was a price in euros and when converted into zlotys it was less than the previous one. How is this possible?

Does PLL LOT have higher prices in Poland? This was noticed by the traveler

The Pole's report showed that foreign tourists have better travel conditions than Poles. Such information would anger many people, and that was the case here. “It seems that LOT sells the same tickets to Poles at a higher price than to foreigners” – this is the message from the man received by

Surprised by the differences in prices, Mr. Michał revealed that he was in Essen, Germany, and wanted to book a flight to Warsaw. When he checked the price in Polish zlotys, the cheapest flight was PLN 1,437.23. After logging in to the hotel Wi-Fi, he saw prices in euros and they were much lower – the same connection abroad cost 271.58 euros, or about PLN 1,170.

LOT explains price differences and talks about changes

When asked by journalists about the reason for the differences in prices, Lot quickly replied. The line confirmed that this could be true. It turns out that sometimes the same ticket is sold for different amounts in different countries. “The same cruise combination may currently be offered at different prices, depending on the sales market. This is not an action aimed at offering higher prices on the Polish market. Similar differences may occur in any direction between different markets,” explained the PLL LOT press office in an interview with

There may be more reasons for the differences. This is because the main settlement currencies in aviation and tourism are the US dollar and the euro. The point is that a country like Poland, which uses Polish zloty, has a slightly higher conversion multiplier. Thanks to it, carriers try to avoid potential losses caused by exchange rate differences. The matter was also commented on by industry expert Deniz Rymkiewicz from He added that the price is also influenced by how often we search for a given connection during the day. It may happen that the algorithm detects growing demand in real time and adjusts the price accordingly.

LOT itself announces changes and wants the price differences to depend not on the market where the ticket is sold, but on the starting point of the trip. It was emphasized that such optimization is a complicated and long-term process, but work on it is already at an advanced stage.

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