Holidays in September and October are cheaper. In these countries we will save the most

Holidays in September and October are cheaper.  In these countries we will save the most

Although the holiday season is coming to an end, are you just going on vacation? This is the perfect time to travel without the crowds and for much less. See where tourists from Poland fly in September and October and how much they save on it.

Many people try to go on vacation on dates that are not so crowded by others. That is why they give up trips in July and August, and start traveling only in September or even October. Vacation in September and in the following months does not mean that the temperature in Europe is low and the water is so cold that it is impossible to enter it. And more people seem to think so. Who is most likely to leave after the season and where?

Holidays in September and October popular with couples analyzed Poles’ beach holidays. It turns out that September and October are still very popular months, especially among couples. The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to relax, especially for those who want to avoid crowds and prefer a more intimate atmosphere. According to data, as much as 36 percent. of users intend to spend 1-2 weeks on the spot, and almost every third will go for an extended weekend of 4-6 days, and almost the same number of people will choose to stay up to 3 days. Friday, September 1 is the most popular day for travelers to start their planned vacation. Where will we go? As always, the south of Europe reigns supreme in this matter.

Where do Poles fly in September and October?

September and October are still attractive travel times, especially in the south of Europe, where you can count on truly summer weather with less hot temperatures. Increasingly, the lists will also include Nordic countries, where you can count on a moderate and pleasant climate, as well as a variety of activities. However, which destinations are the most popular among September and October vacationers?

  1. Italy

  2. Spain

  3. Great Britain

  4. Greece

  5. France

  6. Portugal

  7. Croatia

  8. Norway

  9. Germany

  10. Sweden

Off-season holidays are much cheaper

As analyzes indicate, off-season holidays are much cheaper than in peak season. Italy will be the cheapest in October, when travelers paid an average of EUR 96 (approx. PLN 450) for a ticket, which is EUR 19 less than in September.

On flights to Spain in October, compared to the holiday season, we will save about EUR 30, paying an average of EUR 139 (approx. PLN 620) per trip.

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