The head of the Pentagon listed the countries most at risk of conflict with Russia. “Putin won't stop”

The head of the Pentagon listed the countries most at risk of conflict with Russia.  "Putin won't stop"

The head of the US Department of Defense, in a speech delivered before the Republican Armed Services Committee, warned against Russia. What does Ukraine's defeat mean? Disturbing words were spoken.

Army General Lloyd Austin met with the committee on February 29. According to “Newsweek”, the topics of the talks included: his last indisposition – due to the treatment of cancer (prostate cancer), which he contracted. However, his health condition has recently improved.

His words about Russia were widely reported in the media.

What will happen if Putin wins?

During the talks, the topic of the war in Ukraine was raised. Gen. Austin talked about the state in the context of USD 60 billion (approx. PLN 240 billion) requested by the 46th US President Joe Biden. However, Republicans blocked the transfer of funds, pointing to more important – in their opinion – problems: immigrants and security threats on the border with Mexico.

– We know that if Putin succeeds here (in Ukraine – editor), he will not stop – said the head of the Pentagon. He emphasized that Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, “will continue to take increasingly aggressive actions in the region.” “And other leaders around the world, other autocrats, will look at this and be encouraged by the fact that this happened and we failed to support democracy,” he said.

Gen. Austin mentioned three countries that are most exposed to the possible consequences of Ukraine's defeat. These are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. However, as the American commander points out, all these countries are members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Therefore, if the President of Russia were tempted to start an armed conflict, he would start it with the entire Alliance.

Head of the Pentagon: the Baltic countries are afraid of Russia

The head of the Pentagon emphasized that the Baltic countries “know what Putin is capable of” and “are really afraid that they will not be next in line.” – If Ukraine falls, I really believe that NATO will fight against Russia – he said once again, the head of the Pentagon is quoted by the editorial office of the American weekly “Newsweek”.

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron also spoke about the conflict between Russia and NATO. His words sparked numerous reactions from key European leaders. He said sending NATO's Western land forces was not currently possible, but should not be “ruled out” in the future. He assured that “defeating Russia is necessary for security and stability in Europe.”

However, NATO member countries clearly replied that they would not send troops to Ukraine. He talked about it, among others: Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico – one of the first. A similar position was taken by the Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic and Poland: Peter Fiala and Donald Tusk.

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