Antoni Macierewicz explained his offense. He was saved by young women

Antoni Macierewicz explained his offense.  He was saved by young women

Antoni Macierewicz parked incorrectly and had to explain himself to the city guards. The situation was defused by two women who wanted to take a photo with the politician.

“Super Express” caught Antoni Macierewicz parking incorrectly in Warsaw. A Law and Justice politician blocked the exit and part of the sidewalk. The City Guard appeared on the spot and identified Macierewicz.

The PiS MP had to explain his offense. During the intervention, Macierewicz was approached by young women who wanted to take photos with him. One of the city guards was asked for help. The Law and Justice politician refused to comment on the case.

The City Guard confirms the intervention regarding Antoni Macierewicz

The intervention was confirmed by Jerzy Jabraszko from the capital city guard. It is not known, however, whether Macierewicz was fined or maybe he was just given a warning. The Law and Justice MP moved the car, but broke the regulations again because he stopped in the taxi parking space.

This is not the first time Macierewicz broke traffic regulations. In March 2024, “Fakt” caught him driving through a red light at an intersection in Krakow. This can result in a fine of PLN 500 and 15 penalty points.

The PiS politician breaks traffic regulations once again

In turn, at the end of December, a PiS politician had stars taped to his car’s license plate, which carries a fine of PLN 50. As a reminder, there is a legal ban on decorating “sheet metal”. You cannot put anything on them that would limit their readability.

On the same day, Macierewicz avoided speed bumps by driving in the middle of the road, crossing a double solid line, which can result in a PLN 200 fine. A week earlier, the former Minister of National Defense was deprived of access to a company limousine with a driver and had to move from the passenger seat to the steering wheel.

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