Hotels offer many gadgets in the package. We can take these home with us

Hotels offer many gadgets in the package.  We can take these home with us

When traveling, we often stay in hotels. There are many little things waiting for us in their rooms that will make your stay more pleasant. Can you take some of them home with you?

Traveling is not only about pleasure. Sometimes – especially when we are in a strange place – we have many dilemmas about how to behave. The problem may arise, among others: in the hotel. Have you wondered whether the trinkets and gadgets left for tourists in their rooms can be packed home? Recently, a well-known expert, Dr. Irena Kamińska-Radomska, commented on this topic.

An expert advises how to behave in a hotel

Dr. Irena Kamińska-Radomska knows the principles of savoir-vivre like few others. Poles associate the expert with, among others, from the TV program “Projekt Lady” or from the Instagram account called @drirenakaminskaradomska. The profile in question is currently followed by over 44,000 people. people. You will find there tips to help you behave appropriately when traveling, in restaurants and in many other places we visit every day.

Recently, a video about the rules that should be followed in hotels may have attracted the attention of Internet users. Mrs. Irena's advice will dispel the doubts of many troubled travelers. What can you take with you from the hotel and is it appropriate? It turns out that we don't always have to be afraid of packing something with us.

You can take this with you from the hotel

As a guest at the hotel, you can take a few selected items with you after your stay. “We can feel free to take things like toiletries as long as they are disposable. Moreover, packing slippers or a notebook left for us will not be a mistake,” said Mrs. Irena.

Among the above-mentioned tips, there were also suggestions on what should absolutely not be done. “Items such as bathrobes, towels and electronic devices are the property of the hotel and cannot be packed with you,” the expert warned. Moreover, an important tip is that in case of any doubts, we should contact the staff of a given place. The employees will tell us what we have been offered without any problem. Such information can help you avoid unnecessary stress and possible unpleasantness during check-out.

It should be noted that although these rules are obvious to some, thefts in accommodation and airplanes regularly occur around the world. Tourists take, among others: rain showers, sauna elements, TV remote controls and hangers. Unfortunately, in many cases things cannot be recovered.

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