Did the members of the pedophilia commission use mobbing? A letter to the Marshal of Hołownia

Did the members of the pedophilia commission use mobbing?  A letter to the Marshal of Hołownia

The Chairwoman of the State Commission on Pedophilia sent a letter to the Speaker of the Sejm requesting the dismissal of two members of this body. The allegations include allegations of mobbing and mismanagement.

Onet informs that the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, received a request to dismiss two members of the State Commission on Pedophilia, Barbara Chrobak and Hanna Elżanowska. The application was submitted by its chairman, Karolina Bućko.

The commission chairman's allegations against two members

The charges brought against two members of the commission include: mismanagement and mobbing.

“It should be noted that during the period when the Commission functioned without a chairman, acting and implementing much fewer of its statutory tasks, both of the above-mentioned (Chrobak and Elżanowska – ed.) generated the highest costs amounting to approximately PLN 10,000, respectively (Hanna Elżanowska and over PLN 25,000 (Barbara Chrobak),” you can read in the application.

In addition, allegations of mobbing were allegedly leveled against two members, although the details are unknown. “We cannot have even the slightest suspicion of using any other form of violence against a member of the State Commission – an institution that counteracts one form of violence,” argues the chairwoman of the pedophilia commission.

Barbara Chrobak became famous in 2021 when “DGP” found out that she had no legal education. However, a person holding a high state distinction may become a member of such a commission. This is what Chrobak received from President Duda, moments before changing the regulations opening such a gate to the commission – the daily reported.

The application also concerns Hanna Elżanowska – a psychologist with a doctoral degree, psychotherapist and academic teacher, long-time employee of the Institute of Psychology of the Catholic University of Lublin, JP II. According to the applicant, working in a private professional practice run by Hanna Elżanowska may “impede her proper functioning in the committee.”

Elżanowska is a court expert in cases involving children and adolescents, a specialist in helping sexually abused children and a member of the interdisciplinary team for counteracting domestic violence. For many years he has been involved in psychological diagnostics, court opinions, individual psychotherapy and family therapy. He cooperates with non-governmental organizations dealing with the diagnosis and assistance of abused children.

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