A PiS politician sued a KO MP in the electoral procedure. “He encouraged a crime”

A PiS politician sued a KO MP in the electoral procedure.  "He encouraged a crime"

Fierce competition before the second round of local elections in Konin. Just before the end of the campaign, a PiS politician sued a KO MP over the electoral process.

The first round of local government elections in Konin was inconclusive. The current mayor of the city, Piotr Korytkowski, will face overtime in the second round. His political opponent is Robert Popkowski, a politician of Sovereign Poland, who ran from the United Right committee. The KO candidate gained the advantage in the first round (31.16% of votes). 25.6% of voters voted for Robert Popkowski. voters.

Fierce fight in the local elections in Konin

In the final stretch before the final results of the local elections, a politician from Zbigniew Ziobro's party announced that he was suing KO politician Tomasz Nowak in the electoral procedure. Moreover, he also announced that he would be notified of a crime of defamation. The PiS candidate for the mayor of Konin cited important social interest.

The lawsuit filed by Robert Popkowski is the result of words spoken during the press conference of the Civic Coalition. During a meeting with journalists, Tomasz Nowak mentioned a comment that a politician of Sovereign Poland posted online in 2019. His words caused a scandal at the time. The activist wished his party colleague from Solidarna Polska, Jacek Kubiak, all the best, good health, and then the fulfillment of his dreams of eradicating the red and rainbow plague.

Dispute in local government elections. “Remember what may threaten Konin”

– It is shocking how a candidate for president of Konin can say such words, destroying other people and in fact inciting them to commit crimes. Remember what may threaten Konin. Imagine that an LGBT-free zone is being created here – said Piotr Nowak.

Robert Popkowski also believes that “his rival in the race for the president of Konin is running a dirty campaign.” It's about a video on social media in which Piotr Korytkowski encourages residents not to allow Konin to be managed by Zbigniew Ziobro from the backseat.

The District Court in Konin is scheduled to hear the case on Friday, April 19.

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