Burning tires, scattered manure. This is what the farmers' protests in Brussels looked like

Burning tires, scattered manure.  This is what the farmers' protests in Brussels looked like

Farmers' protests in many European countries continue unabated. Police in Belgium used water cannons to control the situation. The demonstrators threw at the uniformed officers, among others: eggs.

On Monday, February 26, a meeting of the ministers of agriculture of the European Union countries was held in Brussels. While politicians debated solutions to the crisis in their sector, at least 900 tractors blocked streets in the center of the Belgian capital, The Guardian reported.

Farmers' protests in Brussels. The police used water cannons

Protesters threw bottles, eggs and scattered manure at the police. They also set off firecrackers and set fire to tires, and officers responded by deploying water cannons. Not only farmers from Belgium took part in the demonstrations, but also, among others, from Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Agricultural demonstrations in different parts of the world have one thing in common: protesters are demanding specific solutions that will lead to a solution to the crisis that has been growing for months. They oppose the provisions of the European Green Deal and also draw attention to the competition that threatens them due to the import of cheap food from countries with lower production standards than those in force in the European Union.

Consultations at the border? Andrzej Duda commented on Volodymyr Zelensky's proposal

Farmers' protests are also taking place in Poland. Today the main demonstration is planned in Warsaw. Last week, in order to resolve the crisis, Volodymyr Zelensky called on the Polish authorities to take part in consultations that were to be held on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Prime Minister Donald Tusk did not agree to this proposal and announced that the meeting of both governments – as previously agreed – would be held on March 28.

President Andrzej Duda also commented on the matter. – It is difficult to conduct any negotiations at the border. And besides, what is to be, excuse me, negotiated? That farmers should stop protesting? In my opinion, farmers are right – said the president in an interview for Polsat News.

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