Prime Minister of Slovakia after another surgery. The court decided on the murderer's case

Prime Minister of Slovakia after another surgery.  The court decided on the murderer's case

New information on Robert Fico's health condition was provided on Saturday by the Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Kaliniak, and the Minister of Health Zuzana Dolinkova. At the same time, the court decided to arrest the attacker.

Wednesday's attack on Prime Minister Robert Fico shocked Slovakia. From the scene of the gunshot wound in the town of Handlova, where the government's away meeting was held, the Slovak Prime Minister was taken to the hospital in Banská Bystrica, where he remains to this day. He underwent another surgery on Friday.

Robert Fico's health condition. New informations

On Saturday, the latest information on Fico's health condition was provided by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Robert Kaliniak and Slovak Minister of Health Zuzana Dolinkova.

Friday's operation lasted over two hours. Dolinkova confirmed that the procedure, performed to remove dead tissue after gunshot wounds, allowed for a “good prognosis” for the prime minister.

– The condition of the Slovak Prime Minister is stable, but still serious – said Deputy Prime Minister Kaliniak. – However, it is unlikely that Fico will be transported to Bratislava in the coming days. His condition does not allow it, but we are close to a good forecast for the Prime Minister – he added.

Kaliniak also reported that Fico is conscious, but has some limitations in communication. The current position of the head of the Slovak government allows him to make decisions on the most important matters, so the deputy prime minister did not have to take over the full powers of the prime minister. Kaliniak announced that he would chair the next government meetings, which would be held normally.

– Several miracles have happened, I cannot find words to thank the doctors for the fact that we are getting closer to positive forecasts – he said.

At the same time, Kaliniak did not want to answer the question whether he would participate on Tuesday in the “round table” meeting organized by President Zuzana Czaputova, who ends her term on June 15, and President-elect Peter Pellegrini. He blamed the media for causing divisions in society that led to the attack.

The court decided on the murderer's case

At the same time, on Saturday, information appeared that the Slovak criminal court in Pezinek near Bratislava, dealing with the most serious crimes, decided to temporarily arrest 71-year-old Juraj C. for three months. The attacker was charged with intent to commit premeditated murder.

The prosecutor justified his request for detention by saying that the accused could continue criminal activity or – while at large – take advantage of the opportunity to escape. The court agreed with this argument.

The accused may appeal against this decision to the Slovak Supreme Court.

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