The former representative strongly supports Robert Lewandowski. He revealed unknown facts about the cadre’s leaders

The former representative strongly supports Robert Lewandowski.  He revealed unknown facts about the cadre's leaders

The Polish national team is going through a difficult moment. At the moment, he is without a coach, and he is facing strong criticism from the team leaders and the Polish Football Association. The 41-time representative of the country defended Robert Lewandowski and revealed little-known facts.

The Polish national football team is in a very difficult situation. The atmosphere around the team is very thick, the promotion to Euro 2024 through the group stage is very distant, and we do not have a coach a month before the next training camp.

According to the former national team member, it is difficult to imagine the national team without Lewandowski

Artur Jędrzejczyk, who played 41 times for the White and Reds, spoke about the team. According to Kego, the generational exchange had already taken place before the World Cup, and Lewandowski, Szczęsny and Zieliński remained the core of the team. In his opinion, in addition to young players, leaders are also needed, and – in his opinion – there are fewer and fewer of them.

– Can you imagine the team without Lewandowski, Szczęsny and Milik? It’s difficult, but it’s getting closer and more real, he said, adding that strong characters influence the younger group who look up to veterans.

The former representative defended Robert Lewandowski and revealed little-known facts

“Jędza” also defended Robert Lewandowski, who has been the strength of our national team for years. – Lewandowski also takes a lot on his shoulders. At the same time, he cannot be expected to take the ball, pass five opponents and score a goal in every match. We also need to pass the ball to him, he emphasized.

The former Polish representative also told a little-known fact to the players who had been the strength of the national team for years. – There are people who are underestimated, you don’t know all the situations. Glik once had a fever of almost 40 degrees. Pale, sweaty, but he went to training because he doesn’t break down at work, he revealed.

– Few people know how many times Krychowiak or Grosicki played with injuries because they would have given up on the national team. Their arm will be cut off and they will still want to die for the national colors, he concluded.

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