Will players receive bonuses for qualifying for the Euro? Sławomir Nitras dispelled doubts

Will players receive bonuses for qualifying for the Euro?  Sławomir Nitras dispelled doubts

After Polish players advanced to Euro 2024, a discussion about bonuses broke out. Some time ago, Cezary Kulesza announced that he would reward the players. Minister Sławomir Nitras also commented on the matter.

Just before the play-offs for advancement to Euro 2024, the president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza, gave an interview to pap.pl, in which the topic of rewards for football players for advancing to Euro 2024 was discussed. It is worth recalling that during the World Cup in Qatar, a “bonus scandal” broke out, which later on the atmosphere and, as a result, the then coach, Czesław Michniewicz, also lost his job.

Cezary Kulesza opens up about bonuses for advancing to Euro 2024

The president stated in an interview that the issue of additional financial incentives, e.g. match bonuses, is agreed with the team council. – Our bonuses for players are for a specific result. And here the result is promotion. We do not distinguish whether it happened directly or through play-offs – said the president of the Polish Football Association some time ago.

– We will reward the players and they will only receive bonuses for promotion – he emphasized.

Sławomir Nitras dispels doubts about the promotion bonus

The Minister of Sport and Tourism also commented on the bonus for the Polish national team for advancing to Euro 2024 on Wednesday, March 27. Sławomir Nitras was Bogdan Rymanowski's guest in a morning interview on Radio ZET and he commented on the matter there. – The atmosphere began to deteriorate with this bonus. Let's not spoil it, he said

– I don't think the players themselves expect it. There is the Polish Football Association, which will definitely pay the bonus, because it was agreed in advance. Let's not be like Morawiecki, because the players will not be able to get up for two years – he emphasized.

According to Sławomir Nitras, nothing spoiled the atmosphere in the team as much as the bonuses promised after the World Cup in Qatar by former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. – It seems to me that the players became the subject of hate and a political atmosphere, which all ended very badly. Let's not set such standards, he concluded.

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