They were supposed to go on holiday to the Canary Islands. Due to Ryanair’s mistake, they added PLN 900 to the holiday

They were supposed to go on holiday to the Canary Islands.  Due to Ryanair's mistake, they added PLN 900 to the holiday

A British family encountered unexpected difficulties before leaving for their holiday. Their boarding passes at the airport didn’t work. In this situation, they incurred additional costs.

Many people travel on low-cost airlines without problems, but every now and then a surprising story happens. Some time ago we wrote about the story of Poles who were to return on board a Ryanair plane from Brussels to Krakow. When they approached the gate, it turned out that it was already closed and the machine was getting ready to take off without them. The carrier informed about delays, but ultimately the cruise started earlier. Because of this, they had to look for a way to return to the country on their own.

This time, a family from Great Britain who were supposed to go to the Canary Islands encountered difficulties at the airport. At check-in, it turned out that the tourists’ boarding passes did not work and they had to print new ones. Due to Ryanair’s error, they incurred additional costs.

Boarding passes didn’t work

Damian Lloyd booked flights to Gran Canaria on the Ryanair website. He wanted to go on a 10-day vacation with his family. The man checked in a month before the flight and printed boarding passes for all travelers.

When the day of departure came, the family of three went to the airport. Upon arrival, they found that their boarding passes did not work. The staff at the check-in desk were as surprised as the passengers as they were unable to scan their details.

“The employee looked at the computer and saw our names and seat numbers on the plane. However, for some reason the boarding passes were not scanned. No one knows why,” Lloyd said.

Tourists had to pay for new documents

The flight took place early in the morning, Ryanair customer service was not yet open to advise the passengers. Tourists had the option of waiting for the point to open and missing their flight or paying for new boarding passes. They decided to pay the cost of 165 pounds (approx. PLN 900) for obtaining the documents on site.

One of Ryanair’s highest fees is printing boarding passes at the airport. Anyone who does not check in on time must pay a pre-flight fine of £55.

Lloyd encountered further problems. He was initially told he would be able to apply for a refund as he was not at fault for the situation. However, Ryanair stated otherwise – the carrier considered the family’s fault because they had missed the message that appeared on the website.

“On July 22, the family checked in online but ignored a pop-up warning that they would have to do it again and generate new boarding passes. As they did not have valid boarding passes, they were charged an airport check-in fee,” a Ryanair spokesman said.

The tourist was completely shocked because he had already flown with Ryanair and had never encountered additional fees from the airline.

Has something similar ever happened to you?

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