Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo and Valve. The giant’s secret plans

Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo and Valve.  The giant's secret plans

Microsoft was considering purchasing Nintendo and Valve – two giants of the video game industry. All this to bring the American company back to the gaming throne.

We are still learning new facts about Microsoft’s plans. The company, wanting to become more visible in the gaming industry, decided to purchase Bethesda and Activision Blizzard – it is still struggling with the second transaction to this day. As it turns out, the plans were much bigger.

Microsoft considered buying Nintendo and Valve

The latest information comes from the documents of the court case that Microsoft is currently fighting with the United States Federal Trade Commission. Records of internal company email correspondence indicate that Microsoft was on the verge of purchasing Warner Bros. Interactive – a studio that creates, among others, Batman games. A big advantage of the transaction would be access to a wide portfolio of DC Comics superheroes.

However, the same news thread contains even more interesting news. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer is also considering the possibility of purchasing the huge companies Nintendo and Valve. As the manager wrote, taking over a world-famous company from Japan could be one of the most important moments in his career.

Spencer conservatively added that buying Nintendo in the short term is unlikely. Interestingly, this would not be the first attempt by the Americans. At one time, the former director of Microsoft, Steve Balmer, was supposed to be in talks to buy out Nintendo. As the rumor has it, his offer was ridiculed by the Japanese.

Microsoft wanted to take over CD Projekt and more

Subsequent court documents have been providing us with a lot of interesting data about Microsoft’s strategy for some time. As we wrote in, he was considering buying over 100 different game developers and publishers, including Polish companies such as CD Projekt RED.

In addition to the creators of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, the former plan to take over Techland – the creators of the Dying Light series from Wrocław – seems equally interesting. The band People Can Fly also seems to be a raisin. The developer’s glory has faded somewhat in recent years, but the Warsaw studio cooperated with Microsoft, among others. debuting with the Outriders game in the Game Pass subscription.

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