The first decision of the head of the Ministry of Justice? Bodnar: This is fundamental for the future of Poland

Adam Bodnar the new Minister of Justice?  The head of the KO club spoke out

– You have to maintain humility, moderation and modesty here – this is how Adam Bodnar commented on the reports that he will be the Minister of Justice in Donald Tusk’s government. The former Ombudsman pointed out what the first decision of the politician who will take over this ministry should be.

Adam Bodnar was asked on Radio Zet whether he confirmed that he would be appointed Minister of Justice in Donald Tusk’s new government – We’ll see. All this is in the hands of the coalition that will govern Poland in the future and Prime Minister Donald Tusk. I think that in such matters nothing is decided until the last day and we need to maintain humility, moderation and modesty – replied Senator KO.

Beata Lubecka wanted to know what – according to the former Ombudsman – the first decision of the new Minister of Justice should be. – I think the first thing is to take all possible actions to restore the rule of law in Poland. First of all, in this first stage, it is very important to take actions to unblock funds from the KPO. This is absolutely fundamental for Poland’s future and, in this short-term perspective, absolutely the most important thing, emphasized Adam Bodnar.

Adam Bodnar as Minister of Justice? “You have to maintain humility, moderation and modesty here”

More and more is known about Donald Tusk’s future government. Although politicians do not want to talk about names, unofficially it is said that the positions in charge of the ministries have already been filled. However, talks regarding deputy ministers are ongoing. The Republic of Poland determined that the responsibility of one of the parties in the winning coalition for a given ministry would mean that deputy ministers from other parties would sit in it.

The unofficial composition of the government was announced by Fakty TVN on Thursday. According to previous information from, Radosław Sikorski is to become the head of diplomacy. Adam Bodnar will be the Minister of Justice, while Adam Szłapka is to become the Minister of EU Affairs. Marcin Kierwiński will become the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, and Tomasz Siemoniak will be the coordinator of special services.

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