“Journey in the Dark” is back. You buy a ticket and you don’t know where you’re going

"Journey in the Dark" is back.  You buy a ticket and you don't know where you're going

Low-cost airline Eurowings is restoring a service that customers enjoyed using. You can again buy plane tickets from her, thanks to which travelers will go to an unknown place. ‘Blind journeys’ are back.

Eurowings has reintroduced its popular ‘blind travel’ service, offering tourists and adventurers surprise trips. You buy a plane ticket and choose the trip category that interests you, but the carrier chooses your destination for you. This option is perfect for a spontaneous trip or short vacation.

“Blind Journeys” is back

Low-cost airline Eurowings brings back “blind travel”. Customers buy a ticket but do not know the destination to which they will go. However, they can choose from destinations sorted by topic. These included categories such as: “Pizza, Pasta & Amore”, which may refer to Italy, or “Christmas markets”. We discover the destination after making the reservation.

“Blind flights” start from EUR 44 (approx. PLN 190) one way from Germany, Austria, Sweden and the Czech Republic. And they are available in the BASIC tariff. Travelers select a category, enter travel details, and after payment, a surprise destination is revealed.

The service allows for some flexibility – you can exclude certain destinations – but does not allow you to change or cancel your booking.

The categories available when booking are: “Europe at your feet”, “Just around the corner”, “Happiness is on the coast”, “Into the wild”, “Shop until you run out”, “Work hard, play hard”, “Pizza”. , Pasta & Amore”, “Greek Feast”, “Go East!”, “Nordic Explorer”, “Selfie Hotspots”, “No Rain in Spain”, “Island in the Sun”, “Concrete Jungles”, ” Christmas markets”, “Become a snowbird”.

Flights via Blind Booking can be booked up to 42 days before departure. After selecting the departure airport and thematic category, Eurowings customers are presented with possible travel destinations, which – if necessary – can also be deselected. In the next steps you can enter your travel dates with all the details. The minimum stay is 18 hours for one night and 36 hours for two nights. In the next step, the interested passenger receives the final price. After payment, a surprise destination is displayed to give passengers enough time to prepare for their journey.

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