Wołoszański commented on TVP’s statement. “It worries me a bit”

Wołoszański commented on TVP's statement.  "It worries me a bit"

In an interview with “Wirtualna Polska”, Bogusław Wołoszański referred to TVP’s assurances that his programs would be restored after the elections. “It worries me a bit. I admit that I am tired of these programs repeated for 30 years – he told “WP”.

On Thursday, August 17, the programs “Sensacje 20th Century” and “Encyclopaedia of World War II” disappeared from TVP Historia. The journalist Bogusław Wołoszański, announced the day before as a new candidate for the parliamentary elections on behalf of the Civic Coalition, was associated with both productions.

TVP: Wołoszański’s program will return after the elections

The TVP press office informed about the reason for removing the programs in a statement sent to the “wirtualnemedia.pl” portal. “The break in the broadcast of programs whose face is Mr. Bogusław Wołoszański is dictated by his political commitment” – explained in the communiqué.

However, the TVP authorities assured that the programs produced for many years will return to the television schedule after October 15. “Exposing his cyclical programs on TVP during the pre-election period would be an additional form of promoting his person, which would be unfair to other candidates. After the elections, the program will return to TVP in HD quality.

Bogusław Wołoszański: It worries me a bit

“Wirtualna Polska” contacted Bogusław Wołoszański, who commented on the statement of Telewizja Polska. “It worries me a bit. I admit that I’m tired of these programs that have been repeated for 30 years. Television has changed, the way programs are made has changed. Everything has changed, so it’s showing old things like in an old cinema – the journalist said.

The popularizer of history stated that although he considers the programs “old fashioned”, some viewers may enjoy their return. “If people want to watch, that’s the most important thing,” he added. He also referred to the part of the statement that informed about the change in quality from SD to HD. – If they are to be in HD, it’s interesting, I don’t know if it’s technically possible – he said in an interview with “WP”.

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