The famous politician KO lost a valuable item during his trip. “Someone borrowed/borrowed”

The famous politician KO lost a valuable item during his trip.  "Someone borrowed/borrowed"

MP Paweł Kowal lost his jacket while traveling from Warsaw to Berlin. He appealed for the return of his “favorite” piece of clothing.

Paweł Kowal from the Civic Coalition took a short nap during a plane trip from Warsaw to Berlin. However, after waking up, he discovered that he did not have his jacket with him. He had several important meetings waiting for him that day, including: with the chairman of the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, Michael Roth. So you can imagine how embarrassing this loss turned out to be.

Paweł Kowal lost his sweater while traveling by plane

Ultimately, Paweł Kowal had to talk about the return to cooperation of the Weimar Triangle, ammunition production in Europe or the integration of Ukraine with the European Union in a sweater. Without the Navy, he also urged Germany to provide more funds to help Ukraine and – in the context of the US elections – emphasized the need for a close and coherent European policy.

Via social media, the politician decided to explain why he chose a less formal outfit for such important conversations. “Sweater. I’ll be honest, one of the passengers on the morning flight from Warsaw to Berlin accidentally took my jacket. I stayed in my sweater. I’ll put on a suit tomorrow,” he wrote on the X platform (Twitter).

Paweł Kowal appealed for the return of his favorite sweater

In an interview with “Super Express”, Kowal also turned to the person who is currently in possession of his pickle. – I am appealing for someone to return my favorite jacket to me. I took one suit, but in this case you have to take two. That’s why I had to change into a sweater. Someone on the morning flight to Berlin must have stolen my jacket when I put it on the shelf on the plane. I appeal to you to give it back to me because it was my favorite jacket! – he emphasized.

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