Sopot authorities have had enough of this tourist behavior. Warning issued

Sopot authorities have had enough of this tourist behavior. Warning issued

Tourists walking around the city center in swimsuits are a nightmare both in Poland and abroad. While some people are very bothered by this phenomenon, others are not bothered at all.

The holiday season is in full swing. When you are in seaside resorts, where temperatures are high and the sun is shining on you from every side, it is easy to forget that you are in a place where some people live their daily lives and do their routine activities. Most of them do not necessarily want to see people walking along the promenades in their underwear on their way to work. Unfortunately, this phenomenon happens very often in the summer. Sopot, among others, has been fighting it for years. Now the city has launched another campaign entitled: “Stop naked people on the street”.

Sopot fights against undressed tourists

The campaign, which is supposed to warn people against walking around the center of Sopot in bikinis, has already started. “We remind you of the basic rules of holiday etiquette,” said Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim, the mayor of the city. Such messages are especially important now, when there are more and more tourists at the seaside. Many of them do not limit themselves to walking around in bikinis only on the beach, but also enter restaurants or shops in their swimsuits. This arouses indignation among locals and some tourists who do not like this behavior.

Although people walking around the city centre in just their swimming trunks do not arouse enthusiasm among passers-by, according to the law, they are not at all subject to a fine for such practices. This is one of the reasons why some of them do not care about criticism, but rather choose to be completely relaxed, following the principle “I’m on holiday, so I can do it”.

Does the action in Sopot make sense?

“Stop naked people on the street” is the slogan of the latest edition of the campaign, which was launched in Sopot in 2018. Some may wonder whether, if many tourists do not intend to give up exposing their bodies in the city, then whether the aforementioned campaign makes sense. Officials believe that presenting special posters or making appeals can make some people aware that it is inappropriate.

Today, posters reminding about the rules of conduct in the seaside resort appear, among others, on information posts, in clubs, restaurants, hotels, as well as in housing cooperatives and apartments. “From the very beginning, the campaign has enjoyed great interest from Sopot entrepreneurs, who willingly hang stickers on the windows of shops and restaurants with the slogan: “We do not serve undressed customers”. Importantly, it brings the expected effects, and the number of people moving around the city space in incomplete costumes is decreasing,” commented Bartłomiej Barski, president of the Sopot Tourist Organization, quoted by

It seems that this method really works. We can also find many messages on this matter on local Facebook pages. What do you think about walking around the city in a swimsuit? Does this phenomenon bother you?

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