Polish bisons in a death trap at the border. A famous journalist appeals to the authorities: Do something, damn it!

On this Christmas Eve, the bison wandered into the city.  Did he want to speak with a human voice?

– Between the Belarusian sistema and the Polish concertina, about 20 bisons are locked up and de facto sentenced to starvation, said journalist Adam Wajrak, citing Belarusian and military sources. He showed a depressing photo.

The fence, which was built in connection with the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, has long caused concern about the fate of migrating animals, including bison. Polish scientists wrote about the consequences for nature in the journal “Science”. KO MP Małgorzata Tracz drew attention to the problem in the Sejm, but was ridiculed.

Polish bisons in a death trap

As Adam Wajrak, a well-known ecological journalist cooperating with “Gazeta Wyborcza”, announced on Facebook, about 20 Polish bisons fell into a deadly trap on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Unfortunately, what I expected and what many specialists warned against happened. Pockets were created between the fences in the Forest, which became a deadly trap for animals. Between the Belarusian sistema and the Polish concertina (razor wire), about 20 bisons are locked and de facto sentenced to starvation.” – Vajrak informed, citing Belarusian and Polish sources, which he described as military.

“These are our bisons. Do something, damn it!”

Wajrak emphasizes that the trapped bisons are Polish bisons that often crossed the border and now have no way to return.

These bisons are our bisons, which used to cross the border and reach the Belarusian fence, which is sometimes deep east of the border (up to 2 km). Their return was cut off by razor wire” – explains Wajrak. “For now, Belarusians are not interested in doing anything about it, so I appeal to the Polish authorities to react immediately and expand the fence on our side and let the bisons return. You know where it’s at, so do something!” – the journalist appealed firmly.

He added a depressing photo of a dead animal to the post. “The person who died in this photo will not be the only one, and all responsibility for the suffering of these animals will also fall on you!” – he concluded his appeal.

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