Mindless behavior of tourists in the Karkonosze Mountains. These photos are chilling

Mindless behavior of tourists in the Karkonosze Mountains.  These photos are chilling

The behavior of tourists who appeared in the Karkonosze Mountains can freeze your blood. Once again, we have proof that some people are willing to risk their lives for photos. Even bans don't help.

Tourists walking in the mountains showed extreme irresponsibility. Photos related to the situation were posted on the Facebook group “Karkonoskie Trails”. The behavior of those present at the site was severely criticized because they ignored important signs. All it took was a little less luck and a tragedy could have occurred.

Mindless behavior of tourists in the mountains. The photo went viral

“There are no words for such behavior” – this is how the author of the Facebook post commented on the tourists' idea. The photo shows that a group of people entered to the edges of snow overhangs near Śnieżne Kotły, risking their lives. A special prohibition sign was placed at the site. It showed that under no circumstances should you cross the designated line. These warnings did not appeal to everyone.

This situation is further proof that many people are still unaware of the dangers that await us on mountain trails. Sometimes, instead of common sense, bravado and the desire to take a beautiful photo win. Tourists breaking the ban in the Karkonosze Mountains were very lucky. The above-mentioned snow overhangs could easily break at any moment and slide into the abyss. Although the risk takers' feat was immortalized, it was not admired.

You're not allowed to come in here. Internet users criticize the behavior of tourists

Internet users who had the opportunity to see photos of irresponsible tourists assessed the situation very critically. They wrote, among other things: “I don't regret them, lack of imagination doesn't matter here, it's a show off, everything is well marked and visible, there are signs informing about the overhangs, but this one ignores everything.” Some, however, followed the approach: “His life, his business” and although they assessed the behavior negatively, they believed that everyone had the right to make a choice. Regardless of how we assess this situation, we must admit that we should avoid such situations and follow the prevailing rules.

Warnings regarding entering the area of ​​Śnieżne Kotły in the Karkonosze Mountains have recently appeared on the Internet many times. Be careful, it's very dangerous on Śnieżne Koty, there's a thaw, the snow overhangs are cracking, stay away from the edge. In the afternoon there is loose snow, the grips are weaker, you can change them to crampons” – among others This is how a place was written about on a Facebook group related to current conditions in the mountains. Tourists should follow not only prohibition signs, but also such instructions.

You should watch out for difficult conditions in the Karkonosze Mountains, but also in the Tatra Mountains and Bieszczady Mountains. Recently, an accident occurred, among others, on Śnieżka. Two tourists who slid down the “death gutter” from the top of the highest mountain in the Karkonosze Mountains lost their lives.

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