Sad news for fans of mountain huts. A well-known facility in the Tatras closed after 75 years

Sad news for fans of mountain huts.  A well-known facility in the Tatras closed after 75 years

Changes are coming in the Tatra Mountains. The iconic place will be closed there for 2 years. Tourists who are lovers of the shelter on Hala Kondratowa have time to visit only until the end of August.

Quite recently we informed about the bad situation of the Samotnia shelter in the Karkonosze Mountains. The activity of the place became questionable after it turned out that PTTK did not extend the lease contract with it. Now there are more news about another famous object in the mountains. We are talking about PTTK at Hala Kondratowa, which is the smallest shelter in the Tatra Mountains.

The shelter in the Tatras has been closed for 2 years. This is the last moment to visit

This is very important information for all tourists going in autumn to the regions of the highest range in the Carpathian chain. The mountain shelter on Hala Kondratowa from the Tatra Mountains will soon cease to be available. It has been operating on the tourist market continuously for 75 years, now it’s time for changes.

The iconic house known to lovers of the Tatra Mountains is to be closed for two years. The reason for this decision is the planned modernization and expansion of the facility. This means that in the future we will never have to deal with the same shelter as before. Its atmosphere and style will probably change a bit.

It is worth emphasizing that, after all, it is mainly about improving standards – improved are to be e.g. catering and sanitary facilities, as well as repaired long-damaged elements. The president of PTTK Karpaty, Jerzy Kalarus, told Gazeta Krakowska that although the number of beds on site will not increase, it is supposed to be more comfortable and safer. During the renovation, the family running the facility must leave it. Women dealing with the shelter today, i.e. Iwona Haniaczyk and niece and granddaughter of the previous managers, do not want to comment on the matter.

Shelter in the Tatra Mountains on Hala Kondratowa. Nobody expected such a decision

The object in question is associated with tradition and family activity. Mr. and Mrs. Skupni have been involved in running the place for many years and put their whole hearts into it. Today it is known that the owners must leave the building by September 4 at the latest.

The place offered 20 beds and was one of the smallest of its kind. Tourists came there to rest in peace and quiet. They could stay in dormitories and integrate with people they didn’t know. All this at the Giewont massif. Beautiful views, atmosphere, delicious tea and affordable prices encouraged people to visit.

PTTK informed that a new tenant will be selected in a tender – it may also be the current one. At the moment, however, it is not known how the fate of the Skupni family and their business will continue. Unfortunately, tourists will have to wait a long time for the reopening of the place. Until the end of August we have the last chance to look at it.

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