The biggest festival flop returns. The organizer of “FYRE II” has started selling tickets

The biggest festival flop returns.  The organizer of "FYRE II" has started selling tickets

Nobody expected this. The worst festival of all time is back and tickets are on sale. The first pot had already been sold out.

It was supposed to be the best party ever. The festival was advertised by the biggest social media stars. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski invited to participate. Participants were treated to a paradise island in the Bahamas and concerts by leading musicians. However, something went wrong…

“FYRE” was the biggest festival flop in history

Overnight stay in Federal Emergency Management Agency tents instead of luxury villas. Sandwiches instead of gourmet dishes. Years of lawsuits instead of unforgettable experiences. Although in fact what happened to the participants was unforgettable. In the case of the “FYRE” festival, the cancellation of our Polish “Fest” just before the event seems to be a minor mishap.

The organizer was released from prison and… announces “FYRE II”

Due to the course of the festival, as well as the fraud of investors and participants of approximately USD 26 million, the main organizer of the 2017 event, Billy McFarland, was sent to prison for six years. He served four of them before being released. Did it do any good? We don’t know, but there is an opportunity to find out. McFarland announced the next edition!

“FYRE Festival is back!” – says the slogan on the event website. Ticket pre-sale has also started, and the first batch has already been purchased. Prices, depending on the moment of purchase, range between PLN 799 and PLN 7,000. $999.

“I will do what I love”

“Since 2016, FYRE has been the most talked about festival in the world. (…) This time we have amazing support. I will do what I love, working with the best logistics and infrastructure partners. (…) I can’t wait until, together with our partners, we surprise the world by creating FYRE Festival II – the island adventure of a lifetime,” McFarland wrote on Instagram.

In addition, the organizer added a small security measure for those interested. Income from ticket sales will be kept in a special deposit until the final festival date is announced. Is this sufficient security? It is unknown. It is clear that no one would like a repeat of the last event, so it is worth keeping an eye on the matter.

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