Hundreds of shooting stars over Poland. This will happen soon

Hundreds of shooting stars over Poland.  This will happen soon

A special night is coming for fans of observing the night sky. We know the date of the next night of shooting stars.

The approaching November night will bring a night spectacle in the illuminated sky. We can see shooting stars on the vault next weekend. This time, the sky landscape will be graced by falling Leonids – the fastest known meteors. On this night we will be able to see up to fifteen of them per hour.

The Night of Shooting Stars is next Friday

November was extremely generous for astronomy fans. At the beginning of the month they could see the aurora borealis over Poland, and this week they will see shooting stars. The evening of November 17-18 will be special – the Leonids, which enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of up to 70 m/s, will illuminate the black autumn sky. The stars will also be visible on the following days, but the night before the weekend will be when they will be most active. “This extraordinary meteor shower has already caused spectacular meteor showers, during which up to several thousand meteors could be observed per hour,” we read on the website

We explain where the Leonids come from

Leonids is a meteor shower active from November 10 to 23, which is formed by the remnants of comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, which belongs to the Halley group of comets. Discovered in 1865, it last approached the Earth in 1999 – the next close encounter with our planet is estimated for 2031. For now, we can observe the “dust” in the sky that it leaves behind in space.

When the comet approached Earth thirty years ago, Leonid activity was the highest in history – meteorites entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a frequency of up to three thousand per hour. The weekend spectacle will offer the opportunity to watch ten to fifteen “shooting stars” in 60 minutes.

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