A night in a cave in Crete, or maybe in a castle? It’s easier than you think

A night in a cave in Crete, or maybe in a castle?  It's easier than you think

Traveling develops and allows you to explore distant corners of the world. It turns out, however, that the attraction may not only be visiting a new city, but even staying overnight in a unique place. There are many unusual apartments available on Airbnb where you can spend your vacation away from the hustle and bustle and crowds of tourists.

According to Airbnb, website users are increasingly looking for accommodation in unusual places. The latest data shows that between 2019 and 2021, interest in such places increased by 50%, which also translated into profits for landlords. In 2021 alone, they earned almost a billion dollars.

Unusual accommodation on Airbnb. These places are worth visiting

According to the platform, thanks to which owners of houses and apartments can offer accommodation to travelers from all over the world, interest in staying in small houses is growing every year. In 2021, over 2.5 million nights were booked in such places, which translated into $195 million in profit. Treehouses and even barns are also popular places to stay.

Users are also more and more willing to look for unusual places to stay. In response to this trend, Airbnb has launched a special category on its website containing unique accommodations. This is where we can find, for example, accommodation in a cave in Crete. According to the advertisement, the place was used as a house, but also as a warehouse for storing agricultural products. This place underwent a major renovation in 2007 and since then it has been a luxurious studio with an area of ​​60 m2. Renting this place for one night costs PLN 860, although there are promotions during which a day costs approximately PLN 470.

There is also a unique atmosphere in the dome house in Apúlia, Italy. The accommodation is located in the ancient Trullo. You can relax here and not worry about crowds or noise. Another great advantage of this place are its amazing landscapes. The price of accommodation for two people is approximately PLN 760 per day.

Feel like a king and live in a castle

Ireland can also boast unusual accommodation. In Galway, you can spend the night in a medieval castle, which has been renovated using local materials and slightly improved, for example by providing hot water. As the owners write, tenants will find dust and cobwebs here, because the house is not perfect. After all, it’s a real medieval castle. This place is literally in demand. The next available date is in November. The price of accommodation for two people is PLN 856 per night.

The list of unusual accommodation places also includes a church in the German village of Havelsee in Brandenburg. Of course, this place no longer serves a religious function. As the owners write, visitors will be able to try life in a rural setting. The price per night per person is PLN 286.

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