A famous Polish health resort opens a new attraction. The view is breathtaking

A famous Polish health resort opens a new attraction.  The view is breathtaking

For many years this place fell into ruin, today it tempts with views of the nearby mountains. Tourists will enter here completely free of charge.

“The moment has come when we can provide the inhabitants of Muszyna with their historic castle, and give tourists, through tangible contact with history, the opportunity to learn about the rich past of Muszyna and its inhabitants and admire the beautiful views from the castle tower,” wrote Jan Golba, mayor, on Facebook towns of the Muszyna commune. And thus he announced the opening of a new attraction in the region.

The whole family at no charge

The attraction will be completely free for tourists and residents. “Currently, no fees are planned for visitors, but we do not rule out such a possibility in the future,” says an employee of the Muszyna City and Spa Commune Office in an interview with Wprost.pl. However, the date of possible collection of fees and their nature is not specified. This is a sign for tourists to be able to use the new mountain attraction as soon as possible, completely free of charge.

On the occasion of the completion of the renovation of the building, the city invites residents to the ceremonial opening on Baszta Hill, which will take place on Saturday, September 30. On the same day, attractions related to the celebration of the 16th edition of the Muszyna Fair are planned in the market square in Muszyna. Visitors can, for example, mint their own denarii, take part in numerous competitions and shows, or indulge in the pleasure of tasting wine and snacks. Attractions at the castle promise knightly dances and concerts. All participants will also be able to visit the nooks and crannies of the castle for the first time. A detailed plan of attractions is below.

The long history of the castle

Partial construction of the castle has been ongoing since 2020. The first part of the work included the reconstruction of the defensive walls, the residential building and the drawbridge. In the second part of the renovation, it was decided to extend the Castle Tower by two levels, which will allow tourists today to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to look at Muszyna and the surrounding area of ​​Beskid Sądecki from above. In addition to renovating the buildings, the commune also planned to open museum rooms.

The castle, which today dominates Muszyna, remained in ruins for many years. The exact date of construction of the original building is not known; archives relating to Muszyna date from the 14th century to the beginning of the 16th century. The castle had a defensive function, and its location allowed it to control the then Polish-Hungarian border and the Poprad trade route. It was abandoned two hundred years later and fell into ruin. In the photos posted by the mayor, we can see a comparison of its condition over hundreds of years until the recently completed reconstruction.

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