The 6 cheapest Christmas markets in Europe. One from Poland on the list

The 6 cheapest Christmas markets in Europe.  One from Poland on the list

Christmas markets in Europe are slowly opening, which makes many tourists very happy. Unfortunately, many of them will face high prices this year. Which Christmas markets are the cheapest on our continent? One of them is located in Poland.

Winter in Europe is marked by magical Christmas markets. Unfortunately, in the era of dynamically rising prices, among others, plane tickets and accommodation, many people decide to stay at home or travel for a shorter or much closer distance. If, despite inflation, you dream of visiting Christmas markets, be sure to check out the latest Post Office Money ranking. It contains the 6 cheapest Christmas markets in Europe in 2023.

6 cheapest Christmas markets

The list we will present includes quite surprising places – e.g. fairs located in Scandinavia, which is not considered too cheap among European regions. The ranking includes places based on the price of accommodation and flight, but also on the prices of local expenses, including meals. It compared the costs of Christmas trips to 12 cities in Europe during the winter.

This year, the one in Riga wins among the cheapest Christmas markets. It was recognized as the cheapest destination in the “Christmas Market Barometer” by Post Office Money.

Two nights with breakfast and a direct flight to Riga for two people from the UK will cost approximately £300 (approx. PLN 1,500) this year. For four pieces of cake (e.g. gingerbread), a tourist will pay approximately 12 pounds (approx. PLN 60), for four cups of coffee – 8 pounds (PLN 40), for 4 cups of mulled wine – 14 pounds (approx. PLN 70), and for a three-course dinner for two people plus a bottle of wine approx. 150 pounds (approx. PLN 750).

Second place in the ranking was taken by… Stockholm. The total cost of the trip for the Briton was estimated at 560 pounds (approx. PLN 2,808). Food and drinks in the Swedish capital are expensive – a three-course meal for two people plus wine costs on average £182.61 (approx. PLN 912). However, the value of the pound sterling increased by 9.4% against the Swedish krona. has made holidays here more affordable for Brits. Accommodation and travel costs were much cheaper than in most other cities and amounted to approximately £339 (approximately PLN 1,700) for an overnight stay with breakfast and flight or Eurostar.

Third place was taken by the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Brits will pay £559.60 (approx. PLN 2,803) for a trip to the fair in this city.

A fair in Poland is also on the list

The next places were taken by the capital of the Czech Republic and Estonia – Prague (640.23 pounds) and Tallinn (663.38 pounds). The list also includes the Polish Christmas market organized in Krakow. According to the authors of the ranking, a Briton will have to pay a total of 755 pounds (approx. PLN 3,780) for 2 nights and a visit to a fair in Poland. In our country, the price of mulled wine stands out positively, without which we cannot imagine a walk among the magical lights. Four cups cost an average of £8.27 (approximately PLN 41).

At the other end of the scale, four glasses of mulled wine in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, cost an average of £26.99, the report found.

Will you go to one of these fairs?

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