Incident on board the plane. The pilot threatened the captain with a gun

Incident on board the plane.  The pilot threatened the captain with a gun

The pilot who allegedly threatened the captain of a US plane with a gun no longer works for Delta Air Lines.

A former Delta Airlines co-pilot will be indicted this month in connection with an incident that occurred on a commercial flight last year. The media has only now publicized this matter. The man allegedly threatened to shoot if the captain changed the flight course. Jonathan J. Dunn was charged with interfering with a flight crew in connection with the incident. The captain was told that he would be shot several times.

Delta Air Lines said Wednesday that a pilot accused of making threats against its captain no longer works for the airline.

Misunderstanding regarding flight route

The inspector general of the U.S. Department of Transportation says Dunn, who was the first officer, threatened to shoot the captain after a disagreement over a flight diversion. The captain wanted to turn back to care for a passenger with a sudden health problem.

Dunn was allowed to take a firearm on board through the Transportation Security Agency’s Federal Flight Deck Officer program. The Federal Flight Deck Officer program was developed in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It involves training and arming pilots to deal with an in-flight attack, such as a hijacking attempt. The defendant has already been excluded from this program.

“Out of respect for the ongoing aviation authority investigation into this incident, Delta will refrain from commenting on this matter, but confirms that the first officer is no longer an employee,” the airline said in a statement on Wednesday. The circumstances of the rest of the flight were not disclosed.

The brief indictment filed in federal district court in Utah said Dunn “used a dangerous weapon in the assault and intimidation of a crew member.” The man is scheduled to be charged on November 16. The Federal Aviation Administration and the FBI did not comment on the incident.

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