The police pulled a drunk Pole from the plane. The pilots didn’t even have time to take off

The police pulled a drunk Pole from the plane.  The pilots didn't even have time to take off

An aggressive man beat up an officer summoned to intervene. He was completely banned from flying on this airline.

Passengers of a Spirit Airlines flight from Colombia to Florida could not take off because the check-in process was hindered by a Pole born in the United States. The man, who had consumed a large amount of alcohol before take-off, suddenly lost control and started attacking other passengers. During the intervention of the services, he got into a fight with the police who arrested him.

A Pole beat up a policeman at the airport

According to the Colombian police, a Pole living in the United States, just before the departure of Flight 239 from Barranquilla to Fort Lauderdale, began to behave aggressively towards other passengers waiting for the same plane. His hostile attitude was caused by considerable alcohol intoxication. Verbally attacking other travelers led to the intervention of local services. This further enraged the drunk Pole, who suddenly started a fight with one of the officers. The incident occurred on Sunday, December 17, on board a plane that took off from the Ernesto Cortissoz airport in Colombia as scheduled after 4 p.m. The incident did not lead to any delays.

“This man is being prosecuted for a crime against a public official and will be handed over to the competent authorities,” said Colombian police general Jorge Urquijo. According to the police, his erratic behavior could have been caused by the ongoing court proceedings with his Colombian wife, which did not go according to the man’s wishes,

The Pole was banned from flying with American Spirit Airlines

“We do not tolerate aggressive behavior of any kind and this passenger is no longer welcome on any of our flights. We will provide all necessary assistance to the relevant authorities investigating this matter,” reads the airline’s statement at the request of the Daily Mail.

Aggressive behavior after consuming intoxicants among Polish travelers happens quite regularly. Not so long ago, we reported on five compatriots traveling to Amsterdam who also attacked police officers.

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