He almost flew away. The drunk pilot was detained

He almost flew away.  The drunk pilot was detained

This plane pilot was definitely not the one responsible. Despite his old age and experience, he showed true thoughtlessness. He got behind the controls drunk. The court finally sentenced him.

The world has already heard about many cases in which the fate of tourists was left in the hands of irresponsible people. Sometimes tour guides, bus drivers and airplane pilots violate their rights. This is what happened at a Scottish airport, where a drunk man was getting ready to take off. The passengers were very lucky because everything came to light.

Drunk pilot on a plane. Unmasked in time

The mentioned situation took place in June 2023, but today the media is recalling the case and writing about the verdict that has just been passed. A drunk 65-year-old pilot of the American Delta Airlines was detained at the port of Edinburgh after he wanted to travel although he had at least 49 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood. He wanted to take a transatlantic flight all the way to New York. Since the man aroused suspicion, a special test was performed on him.

After it turned out that the pilot who took the controls was drunk, the relevant services took action. When they took care of the man, they immediately discovered that he had one in his bag two bottles of liqueur, one of which was half empty. The scandalous event caused the flight to be canceled.

Drunk pilot at the helm. Finally there is a verdict

Such situations always have a negative impact on the image of a given airline. Delta Airlines could not put the lives of its passengers in danger, and this usually causes an avalanche of comments or articles in the media. That was the case this time too. Although the network immediately removed the pilot from his job at Delta Airlines, it had to wait a long time until the man received an appropriate sentence.

Today we know that the court finally imposed a penalty. As reported by the Washington Post, the 63-year-old will go to prison in a Scottish prison for 10 months. The judge in Edinburgh who imposed the penalty recalled that the permissible alcohol limit in Scotland is 20 milligrams for pilots and 50 milligrams for car drivers, while in the United States, pilots are not allowed to fly if their blood alcohol level is 0.04 or more. Additionally, federal regulations say pilots cannot consume alcohol within eight hours before a flight. All of this was ignored by the Delta Airlines pilot.

“He showed disregard for the safety of his passengers and crew. A commercial airline pilot has hundreds of lives in his hands,” Scottish prosecutor Lynne Barrie said in a statement. Initially, the man's sentence was supposed to be 15 months, but it was commuted because he quickly admitted his guilt and expressed remorse. It is also known that he began treatment at an addiction center.

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