Iga Świątek criticized by Russians. The coach caused a storm

Iga Świątek criticized by Russians.  The coach caused a storm

Tomasz Wiktorowski gave an interview for “Rzeczpospolita”, during which he criticized the tennis authorities for allowing Russians and Belarusians to play after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. His words spread widely and also reached the aggressor’s country. Internet users from Russia leveled accusations at Iga Świątek, suggesting that she was afraid to face the best players.

Iga Świątek finished the 2023 season at the top of the WTA ranking. She emphasized her dominance on the world stage of women’s tennis by winning the WTA Finals in Cancun, where she defeated the best tennis players along the way, including: Aryna Sabalenka. The Polish coach, Tomasz Wiktorowski, did not hide his great pride in the achievements of his player, and his words are regularly quoted by the world media. No wonder the statement about Russia was so widely received.

Iga Świątek criticized by Russians

– Do the matches with the Belarusian Sabalenka and the Russians have a different context than the other matches? No, at least from my point of view. But a tense atmosphere sells better (…) The WTA made a mistake by allowing Russians and Belarusians to compete. There’s no point in going back to it at this point. A hard decision should have been made at the very beginning, said Tomasz Wiktorowski in the above-mentioned interview for “Rzeczpospolita”.

His words were quoted by the Russian website championat.com and a storm immediately broke out. Internet users began to criticize Iga Świątek, writing various things about her. The coach of the world number one was also hurt. One of the comments says that if there were no Russians and Belarusians, the Pole would not have the opportunity to play with the best. “Well, then there would be no competition. They want to win for free,” said one Internet user.

Another disagreed with Tomasz Wiktorowski’s words, writing: “There is something wrong with people. How can you say such nonsense!?” Other Internet users simply started insulting our representative and her coach. There were also opinions suggesting that Iga Świątek is afraid of competition with Aryna Sabalenka and Jelena Rybakina.

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