Switzerland has introduced a new ban. Are you going to the site? You better not do that

Switzerland has introduced a new ban.  Are you going to the site?  You better not do that

This act was already discussed a year ago. Now the plan has been implemented and a ban on wearing clothing covering the face in public places has been introduced. Tourists will have to be careful, sometimes an unusual move is enough.

The use of clothes that cover the face is mainly associated with Arab countries. After all, this is where women wear long abayas, burkas or niqabs. Sometimes Europeans also choose unusual clothing items – sometimes we cover our faces with cotton scarves, scarves or long-collared jackets. In some countries, there are penalties for such actions. Now Switzerland has introduced new rules.

Switzerland has introduced a new ban. You won’t cover your face

As Bloomberg reports, the Swiss parliament has approved a long-announced law banning wearing clothes covering the face in public places. This means that both tourists and locals staying there cannot dress in any way they want.

The law will most affect people associated with Arab culture and religion. Burqas and niqabs are completely banned. Dissatisfaction in Switzerland resulted mainly from wearing such items – although campaigns draw attention to any items of clothing that cover the face.

The principles are backed by the Swiss People’s Party, which for years has promoted slogans such as “No to extremism.” It was about the reluctance to promote extreme attitudes or views. The referendum held in 2021 showed that as many as 51.21 percent The Swiss do not support headgear covering the face. It was then that work began on changing the law.

Currently, a complete ban on face coverings applies in France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Latvia. Each of these countries gave different reasons for introducing restrictions in this area and for strictly sticking to these restrictions. There are penalties for breaking the rules. A few years ago, there was news about the first woman in Denmark who had to pay for failing to comply with the requirements. Switzerland also planned restrictions.

Penalties for breaking the law. Switzerland is prepared

Switzerland thought out the ban plan well and provided fines for non-compliance with the law. Anyone who covers their face on the street or in any public place will have to pay up to up to 1,000 Swiss francs, i.e. almost PLN 5,000. zlotys.

Interestingly, there are exceptions. Covering your face in public places will be allowed in exceptional situations – such as the coronavirus pandemic. Covering may be justified for health and safety reasons, as well as during special religious events.

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