They thought it was an octopus and discovered a surprising treasure. It is over 150 years old

They thought it was an octopus and discovered a surprising treasure.  It is over 150 years old

It was supposed to be an ordinary fishing trip, but it turned out to be extremely intriguing. A man and his daughter discovered a long-lost wreck. No one has heard of him for over a century.

Such discoveries always arouse delight. This time it took place in the United States. That’s where Tim Wollack and his 6-year-old daughter Henley were fishing on Lake Michigan. They went out on a boat and at one point they were sure that they had accidentally found an octopus. They didn’t expect the truth to be so surprising.

The octopus turned out to be a boat. They discovered a valuable treasure

After the fisherman’s boat started hitting something large, the mystery had to be solved. Although everything pointed to the fact that it was an octopus, Tim and Henley actually stumbled upon a ship that was lost 152 years ago. It was the valuable wreck of the George L. Newman.

This is not the first time that valuable water features have been discovered in the USA. Just this year, a group of kids playing on a lake in North Carolina came across an equally attractive 100-year-old boat. Back then, it was said to be a complete accident, as the entire action took place during innocent fun.

The lost wreck had been underwater for over a century. What now?

An unusual find on Lake Michigan caused a great stir on social media. This includes: there, Tom boasted about his valuable discovery. Experts from the Wisconsin Historical Society quickly got involved. They were the ones who verified what kind of wreck it was.

Lost and sunk over 150 years ago, the George L. Newman was approximately 37 meters long and 8 meters wide. Until now, no one knew that it was located at a depth of 3.5 m in an American lake. The ship disappeared suddenly on October 8, 1871, and with it a cargo of wood. The sinking was said to have been caused by a fire.

The discovered wreck is to be thoroughly examined in the spring of 2024. These types of facilities have attracted special attention of historians and swimming enthusiasts for years. The case is to be investigated by researchers from the Historical Society. The discoverer of the extraordinary treasure himself commented on the matter, saying: “I think we will have to fish more often and see if we can find more wrecks.” As you can see, this type of fun can become addictive.

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