A stay in Ciechocinek can be expensive. Additional fees have been introduced

A stay in Ciechocinek can be expensive.  Additional fees have been introduced

A stay in the popular Ciechocinek may turn out to be quite expensive. Not all spa guests know about the fees that must be paid on site.

Many seniors are looking forward to a rehabilitation stay at a sanatorium in the popular Ciechocinek. However, as it turns out, the National Health Fund does not cover all costs and patients have to take into account considerable expenses.

Ciechocinek charges additional fees

There is no doubt that the greatest attractions in Ciechocinek are the brine graduation towers. The unique – and also the largest in Europe – wooden structure for evaporating water from brine was built in 1824. According to many specialists, breathing sessions in a graduation tower have a beneficial effect on the respiratory and nervous systems. They are also recommended for people struggling with sinus pain or migraines. Additionally, they also have a relaxing effect.

It is therefore not surprising that patients visiting Ciechocinek want to take advantage of the beneficial effects of graduation towers on the body. Not everyone knows that to use the graduation tower you have to pay a fee of PLN 12 per entry. Some retirees with senior cards can count on a discount and pay PLN 10.80. The price includes a walk around the graduation tower and the opportunity to rest on a bench. Those who want to enter the salt cave or the observation deck must pay an additional PLN 18 or 20.

This is how patients avoid fees in Ciechocinek

Some sanatoriums have solved the problem and offer their patients discounts or free admission. – We pay this fee because when I calculated it all, it turned out that it is not profitable for the patients. And when we sign a contract with the city for such a service, it is approximately 1/5 of the price they would have to pay – explained Jacek Makowski, director of one of the sanatoriums in Ciechocinek.

Some visitors have found a way to bypass the unpleasant obligation to pay admission. – The first entry is free, the second entry is half price. For now, we only use the free ones. Besides, many people avoid paying and enter sideways, admitted Mrs. Irena from Warsaw in an interview with “Fakt”.

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