Three new connections from Poland to Turkey. The cheap line will win the hearts of Poles

Three new connections from Poland to Turkey.  The cheap line will win the hearts of Poles

The first flights will take place on New Year’s Eve. The schedule includes three extraordinary Turkish cities, now easily accessible from two Polish locations.

According to the Pegasus carrier network, we will soon fly from Poland not only to Ankara. The low-cost Turkish airline offers new routes. Poles certainly know these cities from their summer holidays, but in winter they also have a lot to offer. New connections to one of our countrymen’s favorite countries will start in December.

New Pegasus route from Krakow

So far, the Turkish airline flew from MaƂopolska only to Ankara. From December 31, a new feature awaits us – flights from Krakow to Antalya are now available in the booking system. Connections to the Turkish Riviera and back to Poland will run every Sunday until March 31. This is a good opportunity to recharge yourself with the southern sun during the winter months. Temperatures in Antalya in January range from 15 to even 20 degrees Celsius. Ticket prices start from around PLN 200 one way.

Warsaw receives two new connections

Two new flights are waiting for tourists from Warsaw. Pegasus decided to launch a connection to Antalya also from the Polish capital. We will fly to the Riviera every Friday, starting from December 29, and returns to Chopin Airport will also take place on Fridays. By connecting the flight from Warsaw back to Krakow, we can fly to Turkey for a short weekend trip. The prices proposed by Pegasus will not be a heavy burden on our wallets.

The second surprise is a completely new direction in the timetable. From December, Poles will also fly to the capital of Aegean Turkey, Izmir. The city located near ancient Ephesus will attract tourists looking for authentic Turkish culture and historical attractions. Flights to Izmir and back will be operated every Saturday. The route is scheduled to open on December 29. This is the only newly opened connection that will take place in the afternoon. The remaining routes will be operated in the morning.

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