A dangerous trick popular on TikTok. Passengers fasten their seat belts around their ankles on the plane

A dangerous trick popular on TikTok.  Passengers fasten their seat belts around their ankles on the plane

There is a travel trend on TikTok in which passengers encourage each other to wear seat belts on the plane… around their ankles. An expert reveals why this can be very dangerous.

TikTok videos in which plane passengers tell each other to fasten their seat belts around their ankles have become a trend. Some of them already have hundreds of thousands of views and likes. Unfortunately, their popularity may have disastrous consequences. Using such a method is very dangerous.

Dangerous travel trend

Lauren Wolfe, a 26-year-old influencer from New York, shared on TikTok the method she uses during flights. She admitted that she fastens seat belts around her ankles when traveling by plane and found it to be extremely comfortable.

She posted a clip online in which she rests her feet on a seat and fastens a seat belt around her ankles. She captioned it: “To the girl who told me to wear my seat belt around my ankles instead of around my waist to make it more comfortable… I owe you my life.”

Her video has received over 193,000 views and sparked many comments. “Oh God, I'm glad I can try this” and “It looks comfortable,” Internet users write.

Another tiktoker who posts under the username @helens_princessdiaries posted a similar clip titled “best hack ever.” It has received over 1,650 likes.

An expert in this field, Jay Robert, who is a flight attendant and runs Fly Guy's Cabin Crew Lounge, commented on the trend.

Experts warn

“The problem with seat belts is that they actually play a very important role in air travel safety, for example by protecting the head from hitting the ceiling. In theory, this may seem like a harmless travel trick, but from the perspective of safety experts who have seen injuries caused when planes hit unexpected clear air turbulence, putting seat belts around the ankles is dangerous and can cause serious head, neck and spine damage ” – he revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Other specialists agree with him, including: Nicky Kelvin, editor-in-chief of The Points Guy. “Turbulence is no joke, it can occur without warning and can be very strong. Seat belts in airplanes and other modes of transportation are installed so that they can be fastened properly and play an essential role in keeping passengers safe in an emergency situation, he said.

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