How to find beautiful places on vacation? The blogger revealed her ways

How to find beautiful places on vacation?  The blogger revealed her ways

You look at photos of travel bloggers online and wonder how they find such beautiful places? It turns out that it is not difficult at all. Magdalena Wilczewska, the author of the blog “Wildness in Heart”, shared her ways of looking for such places.

Magdalena Wilczewska, who is also the co-author of the guide “Wyszczekane journeys”, argues that she is able to find unique places anywhere in Poland. How does it do it?

Searching for beautiful places – with your finger on the map

The blogger emphasizes that she likes to use popular map apps. “I run my finger around the map a bit, I go to Street View and look at pictures (…), I look for vantage points (…). On top of that, I put a bit of experience in reading maps and assess – where is the forest, what is the slope of the slope, where can there be a view to the west? I add a bit of independent curiosity to the set – if X is nice, what is next to it?” she wrote on social media.

Wilczewska advises you to pay attention to the ruins, lakes, vantage points and passes marked on the maps. “I let the locals talk to me, who sometimes tell me what’s cool in the area. And tick, I check” – she betrayed.

Geocaching and forest maps

The blogger also suggests checking the location of geocaching caches (it’s a game of looking for caches hidden in various places – their creators usually make sure that the cache itself is located in an attractive place for some reason). He adds that the Forest Data Bank is also helpful – especially for people who want to stay overnight in the forest and take advantage of the “Stay in the Forest” program of the State Forests.

At the same time, he emphasizes that if a given place is popular, he tries to visit it outside of peak hours as far as possible. He also admits that the “wow” effect, which can then be seen in the photos, is most often caused by weather conditions, so it’s worth checking the weather and where the sun rises and sets.

Magdalena Wilczewska also recorded a short film in which she showed “how it’s done” and searched for attractions in randomly selected places in Poland.

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