In winter, Poles focus on exotic things. Half of them will spend their holidays in these two countries

In winter, Poles focus on exotic things.  Half of them will spend their holidays in these two countries

Winter is fast approaching. Where will Poles spend it this year? It turns out that some – as every year – will escape from the cold to warm countries. See which destinations are the most popular among our compatriots during this period.

Research conducted by shows that as many as 64 percent people (booking flights independently) will travel to three interesting cities in the winter of 2023/2024, two of which are located in North America and one in Asia. The brand reached these conclusions after analyzing all flight bookings in the period from December 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024. Are you curious what these places are? See.

Poles will spend Christmas in two countries

Every winter, when we usually see all shades of gray outside the window in Poland, we more often decide to “escape” from the cold and everyday life. Further expeditions to Asia, America and Africa are then particularly popular. So where are Poles most likely to go on such a trip between the beginning of December 2023 and the end of February 2024? analysts have developed a list of such places.

It turns out that this season will be dominated by Bangkok, New York and Miami. A quarter of people (25%) traveling with will treat themselves to an adventure in the Thai capital. On average, three people will fly in one booking, and the price that travelers pay for a round-trip ticket is around PLN 4.2 thousand. PLN per person.

– Poles traveling to Thailand in winter are definitely people craving sun and warmth, which are sorely lacking in the country at this time – currently the average temperature in Bangkok is above 30 degrees – points out Deniz Rymkiewicz, an expert at the travel platform.

The second and third positions in the ranking are taken by two American cities in the eastern USA: New York (24 percent of reservations) and Miami (15 percent). The cost of a flight to New York is from PLN 2.7 thousand. PLN to 2.9 thousand PLN per passenger in both directions, while the number of travelers is on average two people. Warm Miami stands out from one of the world’s largest agglomerations, where the temperature in November exceeds 25 degrees. Poles pay nearly PLN 3,300 for a round-trip flight to Florida. PLN per person, and one reservation usually covers three passengers.

Polish tourists focus on exoticism

The oriental city of Dubai takes fourth place in the ranking. 8% of people will go to a unique region in the UAE. booking, and for round-trip tickets they will pay approx. PLN 2.7 thousand. zloty.

The top five leaders are closed by the capital of Sri Lanka – the city of Colombo – which is responsible for 6%. all winter reservations in the 2023/2024 season on the platform. We usually fly to Sri Lanka as a pair and we pay about PLN 3.6 thousand. PLN per person.

The most expensive and cheapest destinations

What are the winter air ticket prices like this year? We buy the most expensive tickets to Tokyo (PLN 5,000 per person round-trip), and the cheapest to Agadir in Morocco – PLN 750 for the round trip.

– Due to the fact that the average number of sunny days there is not below 25, and the lowest daytime temperature is at least 20 degrees, a trip to Agadir will be successful at any time of the year. Especially now, when the lack of heat allows for more or less active rest during the day and discovering the charms of Morocco after dusk for night life enthusiasts – explains Deniz Rymkiewicz.

Interestingly, Poles make reservations for this special period up to five months in advance.

– Moving away from booking travel at the last minute is a very clear trend that we have been observing in the industry since 2021. Our research confirms that the number of people organizing trips less than 4 weeks in advance is decreasing every year – the percentage of such people in Poland decreased by 2 percentage points compared to 2022, while as many as 79% choose trips planned at least a month in advance. . Polish respondents – says Deniz Rymkiewicz.

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