State Tribunal for Glapiński? Biedroń: This decision was made a long time ago

State Tribunal for Glapiński?  Biedroń: This decision was made a long time ago

According to Robert Biedroń, bringing Adam Glapiński before the State Tribunal is inevitable. – Such a proposal will appear in the near future – assures the politician.

Even at 2 p.m., Szymon Hołownia assured that there was no conversation between the coalition leaders about bringing Agam Glapiński to the State Tribunal. Robert Biedroń had a different opinion during an evening interview on TVN24. – This decision was made a long time ago. President Glapiński will appear before the State Tribunal – assured the MEP.

As he emphasized, this requires a parliamentary majority under the constitutional procedure, but “there are also mechanisms for this to happen.” – I believe that we should use Article 276 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which provides for the removal of an official from performing duties due to the charges against him – said Robert Biedroń.

The application for a tribunal for Glapiński is expected to appear soon

In the opinion of the leader of the New Left, this article can be applied to Adam Glapiński. The politician mentioned limiting the access of members of the Monetary Policy Council to documents and the central bank’s support for the government by issuing NBP bonds as “perfect evidence that President Glapiński did not comply with his duties”.

– We talked about Mr. Glapiński as party leaders. It is clear here that he should appear before the State Tribunal. Such a proposal will appear in the near future, repeated Robert Biedroń.

Bringing Glapiński to the Tribunal is intended to help Poles

The politician does not downplay the opinion coming from the European Union, including the letter sent by the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde. However, she claims that she “does not know the whole situation.” He announced that talks would be held with her.

– It is important for us today, as those who take responsibility for Poland, to protect the value of the zloty, to protect Poles’ wallets. Today, Mr. Glapiński may be the best-paid stand-up comedian in Europe, but he is certainly not the best and most stable president of the central bank – said the politician.

Robert Biedroń added that “the sooner President Glapiński is removed from his position, the better for Polish women and men.” These words seem to be reflected in citizens’ opinions. In a survey conducted by United Surveys for RMF FM and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, almost 54 percent were in favor of bringing Adam Glapiński to the State Tribunal. respondents, while just over 30% were against it. people.

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