The head of President Duda's cabinet attacks Tusk. He claims that it weakens Poland's security

The head of President Duda's cabinet attacks Tusk.  He claims that it weakens Poland's security

On Sunday, April 28, the morning of Sunday, April 28, Marcin Mastalerek, who advises President Duda, referred to Donald Tusk's Saturday entry on the X platform. He believes that the Prime Minister weakens the security of our country with his online activities.

Donald Tusk did not like the fact that his predecessor took part in the international conference of national conservative circles (CPAC) in Budapest. This event was organized by the Hungarian Fidesz, the party of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who, despite Russia's aggression against Ukraine, has repeatedly demonstrated his pro-Russian policy.

Mastalerek responded to Tusk's famous post

“Dozens of bombs and rockets fell on the Lviv district today. One of them is 15 km from our border. At this time, Morawiecki is establishing a common anti-European strategy with pro-Putin far-right politicians in Budapest. Stupidity? Betrayal? Or both?” – Donald Tusk asked via X (formerly Twitter).

“You are a miserable propagandist who is co-responsible for what is happening in Ukraine today,” he wrote. “While you were implementing the reset with Russia, they were arming themselves and preparing plans to destroy Ukraine. You slept so soundly in Europe that the Germans had to be woken up for several days after the outbreak of the war. If it weren't for the Polish government, Ukraine could have collapsed in February 2022,” Morawiecki replied to the head of PO.

Marcin Mastalerek from the Presidential Palace also commented on Tusk's entry. “10 days ago in New York, I talked to President Donald Trump about the conference that Donald Tusk is attacking. President Trump thinks this is a great initiative and supports it. That's why the conference was opened by His recording. I was there. CPAC is the largest Republican conference – its European edition was held in Budapest. PDT's constant attacks on American Republicans weaken Poland's security,” argued Mastalerek.

Kowalski also replied to Tusk

Among the numerous comments on Donald Tusk's statements, one can also note the entry of Janusz Kowalski from Sovereign Poland. This politician called the head of the Polish government “the most pro-Russian prime minister of the Third Polish Republic.” He added that thanks to “such Tusks in the EU”, Putin was arming and strengthening himself.

“Tusk wanted to buy natural gas from Russia until 2037. He kept the Baltic Pipe and Odessa-Brody-Płock-Gdańsk in Russia's interests. Donald Trump stopped Nord Stream 2, and Donald Tusk gave the green light to Nord Stream. Let's not be surprised that Tusk, who has openly supported Putin in the past, is attacking Republicans who did not allow Putin to attack any country during the Trump era,” Kowalski wrote.

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