Should Donald Tusk replace some of his ministers? The survey results are clear

Should Donald Tusk replace some of his ministers?  The survey results are clear

100 days of Donald Tusk's rule have passed. The UCE Research survey for Onet checked whether voters expect changes in the composition of the current prime minister's cabinet.

— During these three months, we did more than any government in the history of the Third Polish Republic. In conditions more difficult than the governments before us, said Donald Tusk, responding to PiS allegations that his cabinet did not implement “100 specifics in 100 days”.

The Prime Minister also posted an entry on social media in which he mentioned the situation his government faced. “They left us with a record debt, ubiquitous corruption, depraved media, partisan prosecutor's office, chaos in the courts, thousands of relatives and friends in companies, mess in agriculture, discredited diplomacy, a vetoing president and a partisan member of the National Bank of Poland,” enumerated the head of KO. “We are finishing the clean-up and accelerating,” added Donald Tusk.

Poll. Should Donald Tusk reconstruct the government?

In the latest survey conducted by UCE Research for Onet, respondents were asked whether Donald Tusk should reconstruct his government. 44.1% of people have this opinion. respondents (20.5% of respondents said they definitely did and 23.6% chose the option rather yes).

26% are of the opposite opinion. respondents (4.8% believe that Donald Tusk definitely should not carry out the reconstruction and 21.2% believe that he probably should not). A large number of respondents do not have specific views on this matter. The answer “hard to say” was given by as many as 29.9%. subjects.

Confederation voters are most opposed to Tusk

Among the voters of the parties forming the ruling coalition, the greatest need for changes in the government was recorded among those supporting the Third Way – 39.4 percent. 30.7% also expect a change of ministers. supporters of the Civic Coalition and 25.2 percent supporters of the Left. The greatest number of opponents of the current government were among the Confederation electorate – 67.6%. and Law and Justice – 67.2 percent.

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