Starfield has already become a bestseller. It overtook Baldur’s Gate 3 on Steam

Starfield has already become a bestseller.  It overtook Baldur's Gate 3 on Steam

The premiere of the space RPG Starfield will take place in just a few days, but Bethesda’s game is already a bestseller. Pre-orders on Steam exceeded the sought-after Baldur’s Gate 3.

There’s exactly a week left until the official premiere of Starfield, because the game will be unlocked on September 6 – on PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles. As it turns out, interest in the production is already huge, because players rushed to buy the game on Steam.

Starfield is a Steam bestseller – Bethesda’s game dethroned Baldur’s Gate 3

In recent days, players have been closely watching the top Steam game list. An interesting race is currently taking place on one of the largest digital distribution platforms. The list of global bestsellers is dominated by three productions – the extremely warmly received RPG Baldur’s Gate 3, the old classic Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the yet unreleased Starfield.

These three have been competing on the podium for some time, but recently Bethesda’s RPG has definitely outperformed the competition. Starfield, costing a staggering PLN 349, outperformed the full-price Baldur (PLN 249), which has been available for almost a month. CS:GO is a slightly different proposition, because the game operates in a free to play system, with the possibility of purchasing additional functions for just over PLN 60.

Why are players buying Starfield in droves when even reviews of the title are not available yet? It’s probably not about the love of risk, but about a good marketing trick by the creators. People who order extended versions of the production will be able to start playing a little earlier – from September 1. This means that they will launch their ships almost a week earlier than “ordinary” players.

Starfield at Gamescom 2023

Starfield also recently shone at Gamescom, where Todd Howard himself provided more details about the production. The head of Bethesda Game Studios gave a short interview and also showed several unseen scenes from Starfield to illustrate what he was talking about – including: fight scenes with a jetpack or fights in a colony with weapons that freeze enemies.

Howard recalled that Starfield is the studio’s first new series in over 25 years, and the game is intended to provide a unique opportunity to explore the vastness of space. The creator also revealed the outline of the very beginning of the game, where our hero or heroine begins the adventure as a simple space miner who unearths a mysterious alien artifact.

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