Samsung expands its Micro LED TV lineup to five models

Samsung expands its Micro LED TV lineup to five models

Micro LED TVs are undoubtedly the most modern, modern and luxurious screens available on the Polish market. They offer an extremely spectacular visual experience – impressive depth, vivid colors and extraordinary clarity and contrast. They can now be ordered in five sizes – from 76 through 89 up to 101, 110 and 114 inches via the Audio Color store.

More than a year has passed since the first Micro LED TV was sold in Poland. A luxurious model with a 110″ screen diagonal, offered for PLN 675,000. PLN it was then installed in a Polish home for the first time. This unprecedented event confirmed that in our country there are also people with high expectations who want to enjoy extraordinary impressions and image quality that only the most advanced technology can provide.

Samsung is expanding the offer of Micro LED TVs with additional screen diagonals – they are now available in five sizes: 76, 89, 101, 110 and 114 inches. They will appear in the “made-to-order” offer of the Audio Color store, which is their exclusive distributor in Poland. They can be purchased, depending on their size, in the price range from PLN 399,999 to PLN 675,000. The expansion of the Micro LED portfolio proves the growing interest in superpremium TVs. These luxury models meet the needs of customers looking for large screens, unrivaled image quality and cutting-edge technology.

The extraordinary picture quality of Micro LED TVs

What exactly is Micro LED technology? As the name suggests, these displays use self-emitting LEDs that are only 100 ㎛ in size, which is thinner than a human hair. One RGB pixel consists of three separate diodes: red, blue and green, which allows you to achieve fully saturated and very natural colors. For example, the 110-inch Samsung Micro LED screen is made up of 25 million diodes, each of which individually generates light and color, which in turn translates into an extremely immersive visual experience – impressive depth, vivid colors and increased clarity and contrast. Brightness control covers over a million levels, which translates into an extremely realistic experience. The extraordinary image quality is accompanied by the Monolith Design, which means that the frames are invisible and the image seems to be suspended in the air.

Moreover, inorganic self-emitting Micro LED RGB diodes are free from burn-in effect and provide exceptional brightness and image quality for almost 100,000 hours, i.e. almost 70 years of typical use in a home environment (approximately 4 hours a day).

“Micro LED is the pinnacle of consumer display technology and will redefine the visual experience across devices,” said Tae-yong Son, Vice President of the Micro LED Team at Samsung Electronics' Display Division. – This cutting-edge technology allows you to create hyper-realistic visual experiences.

Micro LED TVs, like other Samsung models, are based on the secure Tizen operating system secured with Samsung Knox. The Samsung Knox platform meets the stringent requirements set by governments and organizations around the world and ensures the security of the Samsung Galaxy mobile device family. Samsung is constantly expanding the list of certificates awarded to the Knox platform by the most prestigious institutions.

MICRO LED TVs can be ordered through the Audio Color store.

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