Great sales of PlayStation 5. Sony wins this generation of consoles

Great sales of PlayStation 5. Sony wins this generation of consoles

PlayStation 5 is selling very well, so Sony has reasons to be happy. Especially since it significantly beats Microsoft and its Xbox Series.

PlayStation 5 has been on the market for over three years. And although Sony’s latest console is selling a little slower than in the case of PlayStation 4, these are still really impressive numbers.

PlayStation 5 sales – 50 million consoles in three years

Official data published by Sony shows that by December 9, 2023, 50 million copies of the PlayStation 5 console had been sold worldwide.

The recent premiere undoubtedly contributed to achieving such an impressive, rounded result PlayStation 5 Slim (a slimmed down version of PS5), as well as sales that took place during Black Friday.

Microsoft and Nintendo are far behind

It cannot be denied that in terms of the number of units sold, PlayStation 5 literally outclassed its competition in the form of Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch consoles. The numbers speak for themselves here.

Data available on the specialized industry portal VGChartz shows that only until December this year, Sony sold approximately three times as many consoles as Microsoft (547,000) and twice as many as Nintendo (795,000).

“Only” 25 million Xboxes

The most direct competitor of PlayStation 5 is Xbox Series (available on the market in two versions: S and X), which has sold 25 million copies so far. It is easy to calculate that this result is exactly half that of the Sony console, which – with such a huge advantage three years after its premiere – will most likely become the best-selling console of the current generation of these gaming devices.

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