Scandal during the match between Radomiak and Widzew. The club reacts to the behavior of a “fan”

Scandal during the match between Radomiak and Widzew.  The club reacts to the behavior of a "fan"

The match between Widzew and Radomiak was interrupted in the first half due to a rescue operation. One of the home fans fainted and unfortunately later died. In the face of this tragic situation, not everyone was able to behave well. The club from Radom reacted to the behavior of one of the “fans”.

There was a dramatic situation during the match between Widzew and Radomiak. In the 18th minute of this match, one of the home fans fainted. The meeting was immediately interrupted so that a rescue operation could be carried out. “We have a break in the game because one of the Widzew fans is being resuscitated in the stands. May all be well!” – the club announced in a short statement.

Tragedy during the match between Widzew and Radomiak

The rescuers reacted quickly, performed successful resuscitation, and the man was taken to hospital. Unfortunately, just before midnight, the club from Łódź announced tragic news. “Despite the rapid response of the services and the rescue operation, a Widzew Łódź fan who fainted at the stadium died in the hospital. We send our condolences and sympathize with his loved ones,” the statement read.

The referee later restarted the match. The visitors had the upper hand and won 3-0 after goals by Lisandro Semedo, Edi Semedo and Rafał Wolski. It was the debut match for the new coach of Radomiak Radom, Maciej Kędziorek.

Scandalous behavior of a Radomiak Radom “fan”.

When the match was interrupted and an ambulance appeared on the pitch, the stands chanted “We are with you!” Unfortunately, not everyone was able to behave in such a dramatic situation. The X platform (formerly Twitter) was circulated with recordings showing the scandalous behavior of a “fan” of the visiting team. During the rescue operation, a “fan” shouted “die f***”, which had a very wide echo. Radomiak was not indifferent to such behavior and issued a statement on this matter.

“The Radomiak SA Club is investigating the authenticity of the recording that has been available on the Internet since Saturday evening. If the video turns out to be true, we will immediately identify the person in the video and he will be punished with a lifetime stadium ban,” the club assured.

“At the same time, we once again express our condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased Widzew fan,” the statement added.

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