The gangster received an order for Robert Lewandowski’s house. The details are terrifying

The gangster received an order for Robert Lewandowski's house.  The details are terrifying

Gangster Grzegorz L., nicknamed “Młody”, gave an interview to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, during which he revealed that some time ago he had been ordered to attack the house and family of Robert Lewandowski. Jacek W., a former Górnik Zabrze player who has a criminal past, was said to have made such a proposal to him. The details are shocking.

Grzegorz L. is a Silesian gangster whose past is highly criminal. He took part in numerous robberies and burglaries, and when he belonged to the Wisła Kraków fan gang, he repeatedly traded drugs. Currently, a trial is underway in which “Młody” has been granted the status of a minor Crown witness and is cooperating with the prosecutor’s office, which means he can count on a leniency in his sentence. It concerns a robbery in Germany in which the thieves stole over EUR 2.5 million. The case with Robert Lewandowski is terrifying.

The gangster was ordered to attack Robert Lewandowski’s house and family

During an interview for “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Grzegorz L. revealed that in the past he had received a proposal to attack Robert Lewandowski’s house and family. The client was said to be former Górnik Zabrze player Jacek W. The attack allegedly took place when the captain of the Polish national team was still a Bayern Munich player.

“He came to me and suggested that we attack the family of Robert Lewandowski, who was playing for Bayern Munich at the time. He said he had the address of the house. He claimed that all you had to do was go to the place, make an observation, and then go inside “as a policeman”, handcuff the Lewandowskis and force them to hand over their money and valuables. He drilled a hole in my stomach for a long time to get us to do this. I told him to f**k off,” said Grzegorz L.

He explained that he didn’t want to take the job because he wanted to stay in the shadows. He added that a potential attack on Robert Lewandowski’s house in Munich would not be a problem for him. – However, I knew that when I attacked Robert Lewandowski’s house, the press would go crazy and “dogs” from all over Europe would bend over backwards to catch the perpetrators. Why do I need it? – wondered “Młody”, who said that Jacek W. would be too weak to commit such an attack.

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